Jansen Machining Technology

Jansen Machining Technology was founded in 1965 and has developed into a subcontractor for OEM customers in the High-Tech Industry. We changed our name from ‘G. Jansen Machinefabriek’ to ‘Jansen Machining Technology’ in 2016.
Our specialization lies in particular in small and precise turning and milling products, in small to medium size series with a repeating character. The relationship with our customers lies at the fore and we take pride in working together to arrive at cost-efficient products.  We have a flat organizational structure at Jansen, which allows us to respond swiftly to our customers’ needs. We prefer clarity in our communication and are a “no nonsense” organization. Based on our many years of business experience and successes, we can proudly say that we are a solid partner for your company. Craftsmanship is of paramount importance, staff training where necessary and creating a good and safe working environment are important aspects of our business. This is key to the satisfaction of our employees, which results in enthusiastic teamwork, long term commitment and loyalty. This helps tremendously when we are required to go an extra mile to ensure a timely delivery of customer orders. Machinefabriek Jansen is since 1993 ISO 9001 certified.

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Our competitive edge...

Jansen Machining Technology’s strength is the securing of our processes based on prior  agreements, producing your orders each time with consistent quality, both in terms of product level and additional requirements in terms of certificates, test reports (if desired) and packaging e.d. Understanding your needs, asking questions in case of uncertainty, daring to say no, therein lies our strength.

If you find these aspects appealing and you expect high delivery reliability and competitive prices, then you have come to the right address at Jansen Machining Technology.